Fire in the Hole!

I met Nina Hole several years ago at a national ceramics conference.  For the life of me, I can’t remember the city.  I am sure she doesn’t remember me.  Nina Hole is a Danish ceramic artist.  She makes monumental ceramic work.  I love looking at her work.  Large architectural ceramic work is something that I dream about making.  She is known for building large, large, really large forms and firing it on site.

I pulled up her website this morning because one of the blogs I follow,  mentioned her name.  I wanted to see her projects over the last several years.  Her website opens with this statement:

“When it comes to Nina Hole’s monumental fire sculptures “You have to be there.” In fact, put it on your life list, the list you have of all the things you must do in this life. If you dont have a life list, start one and put Hole’s sculptures at the top.

Both the large fire sculptures and Nina Hole’s more intimate sculptural work springs from the insights of a mature artist working with great energy and enthusiasm at the top of her form. They are pieces that have grown from an inquiring mind and an indomitable spirit. From an artist who has consistently broken the rules in order to discover new territory. Hole responds to what others perceive as limitations like invitations.

The element of risk in the creative approach that she uses is an important aspect of her work. She uses a number of assistants and considers the process, including the stimulating communal experience of working with a group of people, as important as the final product. Fired through the night, the spectacular effect of the glowing form as it is unwrapped is the peak moment of the event.”

I think I will put Nina on my bucket list. C2.