Legacy to the Arts in Northern Michigan

Sometimes I wonder if I write too often, via this blog, the Gallery’s newsletters, or my Facebook page.  Each outlet has a different purpose.  The blog – for talking about anything in the art world and my personal diary; Gallery newsletters to announce events and happenings in the gallery;  C2C’s Facebook page is for daily happenings, thoughts, and local events.  Yesterday, I sent out a newsletter talking about Grand Haven’s “Wine About Winter” event and children’s classes, plus a recipe.  I received a note from Bonnie Staffel.


Bonnie Staffel is a woman in Petoskey who has worked in the Arts her entire adult life.  She is a potter who managed a successful gallery for over 20 years; a Program Director at the John C Campbell Folk School; taught all over the world; and a Director for Elder Hostel.  Her ceramic work is held in many private collections and several museums.  At 80 years of age, she continues to be interested and active in Northern Michigan’s Art Scene.  I have known about Bonnie for several years but never really read her resume.  If I am fortunate to reach 80 years of age, I hope that I have contributed as much to my West Michigan Community as she has hers.  Thank you Bonnie for all that you have done for the Arts here in Michigan and around the world.

Pot by Bonnie StaffelJar by Bonnie Staffel