Our artists are winning awards!

Spiritual Speculation painting by Mark Mehaffey

Mark Mehaffey, one of C2C Gallery’s painters, learned that he was awarded first place for his entry in the 2019 International Society of Experimental Artists competition.

I know that Mark tries to paint every day, even, while on vacation. When you look at his paintings, you see 40 + years of practice. I believe many times when we begin a new sport, craft, or instrument, after trying the new technique or a skill a couple of times, we give up. I know I have letting my inner critic tell me that I am a dummy, unable to learn something new many times (usually with sports). But, I also know that if I keep at it, I will become fairly competent. I think of learning how to throw pots on the potter’s wheel. It took me forever to learn how to center 5 pounds of clay. Now, 25 years later, creating bowls on the wheel, is the best place for me to think. It’s like riding a bike. Now, I’ve got it! Yup, I was in the studio yesterday!

Mugs and plates in Cyndi casemier’s studio

Congratulations Mark!

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