Gallery, Studio and Life: 53, MiniARTure Golf in a Museum?

Things to Do in West Michigan:

What a fun idea at the Muskegon Museum of Art?  MiniARTure (Miniature) Golf in a museum?  The staff has created a fun course through the museum using their Permanent Art Collection.  This 9-hole course will take you through a fun and challenging array of obstacles. Almost 250 feet of custom-designed greens with multi-levels, unique stunts, visual canals, volcanos, towering sculptures, mazes, tornados, snowdrifts, and more! Fully playable means friends of all ages are welcome. Clubs and balls are provided.  With it being so cold outside, consider playing indoor golf at the MMA.  😊

If you want to get outside and enjoy the lovely snow, head out to Ottawa County Parks.  There are a wide variety of activities to enjoy outside – hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and more.

How about cooking?

At this time of year, I am thinking soups and spicy food to keep me warm.  Here are a couple of recipes that will do just that:

red lentil soup recipe

In the studio:

I am taking a short break.  I have paper-clay made to be used next week.  Appetizer and dinner plates are drying.  I need to make a couple dozen mugs for clients and the website.  I am going through my art books reminding myself of projects that I have been wanting to work on. When outside at the beach or in the woods, I am taking notice of patterns in nature.

textures in nature

I was talking to a friend who has young children.  My question was “how are you all doing?”  She said we are getting through this.  It’s hard some days but mostly I wonder how this pandemic will shape this generation of children.  Will they be more resilient and creative with problem-solving?  I loved this idea.  What a fantastic way to turn a tough time period into a positive.

I hope you are all taking care to stay healthy.  It’s been a long two almost three years.  We can do this.

Take good care, C2.

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