Studio, Life and Gallery: 63, Uses for Handmade Ceramic Bowls

How are you doing?  I am tired of being cold.  Sorry, I can’t help but complain.  I know, soon.  Soon, very soon, it will be Spring.


Delfeayo Marsalis and the uptown jazz orchestra

Finally, Live music at St. Cecelia’s!  What a fun night of New Orlean’s Jazz.  Delfeayo Marsalis and his Uptown jazz orchestra performed in Grand Rapids Michigan last night. Lots of brass instruments and a big voice.  It was obvious that the musicians were having fun.  I smiled the entire two hours tapping my toes.

The last time I was invited to a friend’s house for dinner, I was asked to bring an appetizer.  I was bored with my “go-to” recipes.  This week, a roasted cauliflower and hummus appetizer recipe came through my feed.  It’s a great way to dress up hummus.  It sounds great.  Let me know if you try it.

crispy cauliflower with hummus and fresh herbs

One of my girlfriends, suggested a purchasing blended Orange juices with Mango, Pineapple, or other fruits.  I am purchasing several varieties that we will add Champagne to for our Easter Brunch at my sister’s house on Sunday.  Just a twist on Mimosas.

I have continued with my Tai Chi classes.  I can balance on one leg doing 50 knee bend repetitions at a time.  The goal is 100 on both leg.  The instructor tells us that these classes will strengthen our legs and help our balance.  All important things as we age.  Do you have a dog?  My puppy, Leo, is 20 months old.  He is starting to mature.  We do walk three times a day in all types of weather.  Yesterday, he was very polite meeting other dogs on our walk.  I was so proud of him.


I am firing my gas kiln tonight and all day tomorrow.  It will be my first reduction gas firing in my home kiln for 2022.  As you know I did participate in a wood kiln firing earlier this year in Portugal.  During the month in Portugal, I thought a lot about what intrigues me regarding ceramics.  I want to continue thinking about how can I bring the movement of sand and water into my claywork.  These visually functional pieces are wrestling with those ideas.

I have a new take on bowls.  I am making nesting bowls that have our Lake Michigan Beach Sand on the outside.  There will be four glaze colors – one for each size.  They will nest within one another.  There will be one for winter, a white glaze on the inside; for Spring, a green glaze; for Summer, a blue shino glaze (think our big fresh water ocean, Lake Michigan); For Fall or Sunsets, a orange shino glaze.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that they turn out the way I envision.

How would I use these handmade seasonal bowls?  The white one will be the largest.  I did this on purpose.  It’s large enough to use for appetizers, cookies, or even main entrees.  The white glaze will not compete with the color and textures of the food.  The green bowl is a satin finish.  It is a dark enough green that most food will look nice next to it.  Think veggies, potatoes, and even homemade applesauce. The blue or orange bowls could be used for chips, bread sticks, kitchen utensils, flowers, or a wine bottle.  As the bowls get smaller in diameter, they get taller.  As I said, if they turn out as I hope.  It should be a very nice grouping of handmade bowls.  Fingers crossed.

porcelain textured vase

visual functional vase

sand movement visual functional vase

bailey gas kiln ready for firing


You have until Monday, April 18 to take 20% off any purchases.  I am calling it a Mother’s Day Sale for those of you who like to give unique gifts to the maternal people in your life. At check out use code: “mothers day”.

Take good care, Cyndi

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