Studio, Life and Gallery Musings, 24 – Embrace Your Weirdness

Studio, Life and Gallery Musings, 24 – Embrace Your Weirdness. How was your week?  Well, I F***ed up in a major way this week.  I rarely say that word and it came out of my mouth several times on Tuesday.  Tony Clennell graciously agreed to create a YouTube Video with me talking about all things clay and life in general.  We had a GREAT chat.  We finished in under an hour.  (surprising!). Tony signed off.  I checked the recording.  IT WASN”T recorded.  Oh S***! (Yes, using those words again.)

Tony Clennell

I got up and took Leo for a walk.  Returned to my desk and emailed Tony.  He was very gracious.

Plan B – A town meeting of sorts via Zoom.  This Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at noon, Eastern Standard Time, Tony and I will be on the air again.  This time with you!  Please send me an email, at  I will send you the link to join us.  It is going to be a lot of fun.  Tony can be irreverent, very knowledgable, and just plain witty.  I am a lucky lady because I get to have his attention twice in ten days.  Plus, it’s St. Paddies Day.  Feel free to bring your green beer, green hat and beads.

Let’s meet up, talk about the creative life and how to get moving again.  Nope, I am not saying the “C” word.  I have said enough bad words for awhile.

So, besides, messing up an interview.  I did get my taxes done and off to the CPA’s office.  Didn’t work out much this week. But, did get several walks in at the lakeshore.  The sunshine is wonderful.  We still have ice floating on Lake Michigan. Bob Walma, took his drone out and got some fabulous images this past week.

Lake Michigan ice

Oh, by the way, we have new pottery in the shop by Richard Aerni.  They are very nice!  Excited to have new vases, bakers, and cups of all shapes and sizes.  Please check them out.

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