No T-Shirt-No Fudge………Art For Your Everyday Life.

Owner/Ceramic Artist Cyndi Casemier loves our Lake Michigan beaches and making pottery reflecting this love.  She uses porcelain clay and colors that relate to our lakeshore.  You will find mugs, trays, collectible houses, serving bowls, and more available.  They make wonderful gifts reminding you of a fun day at the lakeshore.

Mugs by Cyndi Casemier with lake michigan beach sand

When you look close, you will notice that these pots have a unique texture.She uses Lake Michigan beach sand in her decorating. This pottery will give you a direct connection to your time at the beach and Lake Michigan.  

Christi Dreese, a well-known West Michigan painter, creates vivid, colorful oil and acrylic paintings.  Her unique style captures everything that we love about Lake Michigan.  Do you love our small inland lakes; days spent at the beach; or on a boat?  Consider collecting this artist’ original art. Prints are also available. Her fun coasters make great gifts.  We promise, Christi’s art will brighten your world.

Christi Dreese birch tree at the lakeshore paintings series

Bob Walma, a well-known, local Grand Haven photographer, captures iconic images of Grand Haven’s lighthouse, beaches, sunsets, boating, surfing, and more.  You will find surfers, kite-boarders, and sun lovers in his iconic photographs. We offer a wide selection of sizes, both framed or  matted.


Grand Haven's lighthouse photograph by Bob Walma