Studio, Life and Gallery: 60, Last Chance to Purchase at Cups Invitational

Another week has passed.  How time flies!  I had a good week.  Did you?  This is the last week to purchase a cup from the Cups Invitational at the Muskegon Art Museum.  So many wonderful cups to add to your collection.

Stephen Hill handmade ceramic mug

Brian Chen Handmade ceramic mug

Josh Deweese handmade ceramic mug

How about a new salad recipe?

I had this salad in Portugal and it was yummy!  Shirley Clifford made dinner for all of us one night.  Here is the recipe:

Nappa Cabbage Noodle Salad

Be sure to buy Chinese cabbage or Nappa cabbage, not a Canadian cabbage!

Chop both the white and green parts of the Chinese cabbage.

1.       ½  Large nappa cabbage or Chinese cabbage, chopped fine and thin + 5 green onions also chopped fine – combine in large bowl

2.       Toast in frypan until golden brown –  (actually this step can be done the day before)

1 pkg Mr. Noodle – use only the dry noodles and scrunch them into bits into frypan
½ C slivered almonds. I used the whole pkg
¼ C sesame seeds
¼ C butter or margarine
When it’s all nice and golden-brown, add to large bowl with sliced up cabbage + green onions

3.        Here’s the dressing (and this step can also be done ahead of time) –

½ C salad oil (any one is OK)
1 tsp soya sauce  (or one small packet of soy sauce from a restaurant)
½ C sugar (I use Splenda)
¼ C white vinegar

Toss everything together just before serving to guests.

In the Gallery:

Did you read that we are donating 20% of every purchase to Unicef for the Ukrainian children and families?  We will be doing this until the two countries stop fighting.  Please check out our handmade pottery, jewelry, and wall art.  They make nice gifts for friends and family (or for yourself).

I hope you have a nice weekend.  I plan to spend a lot of time in my studio.  I am quite happy with my new mugs and bowls.  Next on the “making” list is sculptural vases.

Take good care, C2

handmade pottery in process cyndi casemier

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