Cyndi Casemier

handmade little house by cyndicasemier

handmade ceramic serving bowl cyndi casemier

sands of time beach mug

Cyndi Casemier artist at work

Cyndi Casemier is influenced by sand movement, Lake Michigan, waves, birds, and tall lodgepole pines. This artist loves porcelain. It’s fine texture and white color allows for interesting glaze formulation.  Cyndi loves to “break the rules” with this fine clay body.  Her goal is to remind you of wonderful days at the beach or a simpler place in time with her small houses. Cyndi prefers textures and simple decoration in her clay forms.

These are truly unique. They offer you the opportunity to bring the lakeshore and a reminder of this special place, West Michigan, home with you. Art for one-of-a-kind gift giving for yourself or those special people in your life.
Small Porcelain Houses